Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Next Event

Lots of information is flying behind the scenes at MatchFights. Everyone in management has provided their input on the event, including everything that they thought went well and all the areas where the event could be improved. That input is being used to achieve MatchFights number one goal - consistently improve the quality of the events for our viewers. We have some of the best minds in fighting working for us and with us, and we have no doubt that, as a result of their feedback, our next event will be tremendously better than our first.

Look for some rule changes to encourage more and better action. We definitely had less of the rolling around on the floor than the standard MMA product, but at our next event, the action is going to blow viewers away!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pictures From the September 25 Event

Here are a few more behind-the-scenes pictures taken from the event (excuse the quality - the lighting played havoc on the camera)

Ring girls practice smiling before the doors open

Rules meeting with referee David Seljestad and Tony "The Tiger" Lopez - our referees could not have been better!

The broadcast team of Johnny Riche and Steve Faragher record some pre-fight commentary - those guys were great too!

Fighter Alyx Luck exits the ring after her victory - bloodied but unbowed

The ring is ready, the crowd is in place

The fans loved meeting our ring girls

Eddie Pelczynski interviewed by Johnny Riche after his win - this guy is an animal in the ring(Eddie, not Johnny)

The view from just outside the ring

Referee David Seljestad, Tony "The Tiger" Lopez and ring announcer Chris Gregory wait for the next bout to begin

Ring girls love the camera

Dave Schiley approaches the ring accompanied by several ring girls

Tony "The Tiger" Lopez ready to declare a winner

The ring girls pose at the end of the night with ring announcer Chris Gregory - "It's time to Rock and Roll"

Friday, September 25, 2009

First Event Concluded

The Evanston event has concluded and the initial is that it was a success. Lots to work on to make each subsequent events better, bigger and, ultimately, more lucrative for the company. We have lots of internal feedback, but we also invite shareholders and fans of the MatchFights events to email with any input they may have. Pictures from the event will be posted soon.
The venue is ready and we are looking forward to a great event in Evanston tonight. Ring announcer Chris Gregory just finished some rehearsing in the ring, Domino's Pizza is setting up and the BKB apparel on sale at the Machine Shop is being put in place. We can't wait to see some great fights tonight. Look for a few blog entries during the event, technology permitting.

Just had weigh-ins at Suds Brothers in Evanston. These fighters all seem enthusiastic and ready to make a name for themselves. As our ring announcer Chris Gregory would say, they are ready to rock and roll! In addition to the weigh-ins, the announcers did pre-fight interviews with each of the combatants.

Also went back to the venue and set-up is moving along. The ring is up, as is the giant video screen for the event crowd. Looks great. Hope all of Evanston turns out to see our premiere MatchFights event

Machine Shop Venue

Was just over at the Machine Shop, our venue for the first MatchFights/BKB Fight Club event, and it is an amazing space. They just set up the stage for the band, the satellite truck is there setting up and some of the fighters have been in to see the place. Everyone is pretty excited.

Anyone in Evanston, come see the weigh-in at 12:30 local time at Suds Brothers on Main St.

Premiere September 25, 2009 Event

Follow MatchFights' blog and get the most up to the minute information on our events, beginning with the premiere September 25, 2009 event in Evanston Wyoming. We will be blogging from all of today's events, including the 12:30 pm weight-in.